Stand up paddle: Try it!

A water sport and leisure activity for all ages, stand up paddling, commonly referred to as SUP, is great. For water lovers who nonetheless hate getting knocked down hard by waves, advocate SUP.

SUP: Paddle quietly!

Like the raft, the stand up paddle works similarly. With it, you can tackle the waves on your way to the sea or just go for an athletic ride on the lake. You have to navigate to this web-site for more info. Unlike surfing, SUP doesn't really require vigorous movements and a lot of technical skill. You just need balance and coordination of your movements. Standing up, you need to be fairly stable in your legs and more mobile in your upper body. Since you will be paddling left and right successively. That's why it's recommended to start on freshwater or banks that are less prone to big waves. There, accompanied by your coach, you can do wonders from your first session. It is not complicated. Distribute your weight properly on the board and paddle. But be careful! Keep this in mind because you will tend to rest on one foot and you will immediately be off balance. Stay awake!

SUP develops a great body for you, know it!

While having fun, SUP puts the majority of your muscles to the test. Due to the constant balancing on the board, your legs are put to the test and your abs are well contracted as to the back and forth you do to paddle. Your arms? Ooh but you know that! They are the ones that carry the paddle from left to right and propel you forward. With training, the arms are strong and firm. SUP works the whole body. Muscle lovers can add stand up paddling to their list of activities. Done right, they'll be sure to get a workout.