The most attractive cities in Morocco

Located in North Africa, Morocco is a country with a very advanced level of development index. With many resources at its disposal, the Cherifian Kingdom has made the construction of its cities a high priority. The development of beaches, the construction of luxury hotels, the creation of amusement parks are policies developed to improve the image of the cities. Today, this country has several dozen beautiful cities. Here are the most attractive.


Located in the north of Morocco, Tangier is a city much sought after every year by tourists, writers, artists and several historians. It is the only city in the kingdom that borders the Mediterranean. While staying here, you can make swimming your number one leisure activity. To facilitate your trip, you can make a reservation via Tangier is a city with an immense history and a rich heritage. It is endowed with several monuments and historical treasures that you can visit at your choice given the short time you have to stay. For example, the Darel-Makhzen also called the Sultan's Palace is one of the places of reference. It is a unique historical place that you should not miss to contemplate. Similarly, the medina and the kasbah ensure you a change of scenery.

The village of Aït-Benhaddou

Located 30 km from Marrakech, the village of Aït-Benhaddou is a corner furnished with rocky strata. Listed as a UNESCO heritage site, it is the best preserved ksar in Morocco. It is a village that still keeps its tradition. The small alleys and pites are still visible between the houses. The village of Aït-Benhaddou is a particularly attractive land for film actors. It has a pleasant decor that directors appreciate. Several films such as Gladiator, Mission Cleopatra, Lawrence of Arabia and others. In addition, other cities such as Aouli, Agadir, Casablanca are also worth visiting.