Top Three British Sci-fi Novels of The 1950s

Science fiction is a genre that looks to peer into the future, but in this post we’ve gone back in time to get another experience of the best works on offer. One thing we discovered is that the genre was as rich and colorful back then as it is now, perhaps because it is defined as much by current events than any contemplation of the future.


Here are three of the best British Sci-fi Novels of the 1950s.

Equator by Brian Aldiss

Equator explores the interaction between humans and Aliens from a far-off, humid planet, known as Rosks. The Rosks were able to get humans to give them a place to settle, around the equator on Earth, and also a portion of the moon.


When the humans began to suspect the presence of terrorists among their new guests, they employ the services of Tyne, a government spy. Tyne makes a discovery that may jeopardize the stability of this new pact, but getting this discovery to the right hands poses serious challenges, if indeed there is right hand.

The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham

Bill Masen, the hero of this book, retains his sight by pure luck when everyone else gets blinded when they look at a meteor shower. Society crumbles and Masen witnesses opportunistic humans and the triffids prey on the hapless, blind people. Masen tries to do his best to avoid both threats.

On the Beach by Nevil Shute

This is a grim tale of spirit and dignity in the face of despair and hopelessness. Before the book even begins, majority of the Earth’s populace has been killed by a deadly radioactive cloud. The remnants live in Australia, and even they know that they will be dead in months. Yet, they go about making the best of their lives as they possibly can. Some people take the suicide pill provided by the government, some people don’t.

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