Warrior Now Available on HBO Max

Warrior Now Available on HBO Max


Arguably the most underrated and underappreciated action series of this age, Warrior is now streaming on HBO Max.


Both seasons of the Cinemax action-drama are now available to be streamed on HBO Max even as the show’s producers are not abandoning hope of another season yet.


Keeping the Legend Alive


The idea for the show was originally broached by martial arts legend Bruce Lee, but it was left unexplored because stakeholders were unconvinced that an American show with an Asian lead would attract sufficient interest. Almost 50 years later, Lee’s idea has been brought to life, led by a production crew that includes Jonathan Tropper, Justin Lin and fittingly, Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee’s daughter.


Set in San Francisco in the late 1870s, the show tells the story of Kung Fu prodigy Ah Sahm, who goes to America looking for his sister. He arrives at a land deeply divided by a power struggle between rival gangs, where the violence is constantly backdropped by deep-seated racism fueled by politicians looking out for their own interests. Ah Sahm immediately and unwittingly gets thrust neck-deep into the middle of it all.


The show boasts several strengths, among which are unforgettable martial arts scenes and loads of vivid, colorful characters playing out their own stories. You’ll also find several references to the great man himself. Crucially, the show examines a critical piece of American history, even though it’s not based on actual events.

Possible Third Season

Cinemax has ended all original scripted programming, so the show is unofficially canceled, as of now. Nevertheless, Warrior’s arrival on the HBO Max platform provides the show with an opportunity to be discovered by a larger audience than niche cable subscribers which may lead to its renewal.


Shannon Lee confirmed as much in an interview with Inverse where she stated her belief that the show “has cultural significance and importance” and her faith in the possibility of a third season.