WikiLeaks creator Julian Assange bail rejected

In what has been a prolonged case, the CEO of WikiLeaks bail has been refused. Despite pleadings from his lawyers and other activists, the judge refused due to his history.

Julian Assange bail denied

LONDON: WikiLeaks developer Julian was not allowed bail on Wednesday because the judge said there is a danger he could flee if the United States attempts to make sure he leaves the UK.

Judge Vanessa Baraitser said Assange’s previous behaviors implied there were significant grounds to think that if bail was granted he would flee again as the US Department of Justice goes against her judgment and seeks Assange’s removal.

The prosecution was happy and made a statement saying:

’I am glad his bail has been refused, if Mr. Assange is freed today he would not show up in court to answer some cases against him,” Baraitser said.


“All things considered this case hasn’t ended yet…”

Judge insists Assange has mental issues

Baraitser denied Assange’s application for bail days after she decided that due to Assange’s psychological problems and the possibility of suicide, “it is better to send him to the United States of America.”

On Wednesday, Baraitser said that Assange’s psychological condition is a major reason he is still in jail. Also, there have been several complaints from prison workers. He can’t be released yet, despite pressures from Assange’s counsels and allies.

Assange is battling several sentences of up to 9 years, he has evaded arrest to Sweden to confront a criminal charge. He also escapes the US authority’s court to confront a pile of charges which includes the distribution of sensitive strategic links and military records from the Iran and Afghanistan clashes.

In court on Wednesday, legal counselors speaking to the US said that if Assange goes free on bail, several nations are offering him political refuge. Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador made the offer recently, saying, “Assange is a writer and should be given an opportunity, I will accommodate him, whenever he comes.”